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~ 125 phosphoserine sites from an IP -
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Due to variations in Sequest outfile formats from different versions of Sequest, this site is still under costruction. Make sure your outfiles don't contain an Sf column. Follow this ->link<- for a tool to analyze single MS/MS.

Email address (required):
Input files:
(as a single zip archive which includes all dta and out files and sequest.params-- see below for help on this. Remember MS3 scans are not supported)
*The input file format is very simple. The zip archive must contain all dta and out files, AND THE SEQUEST.PARAMS file used in the search. DTA/OUT file pairs should have the same file name except for the .dta or .out file extension (example: 10001.0147.0147.dta and 10001.0147.0147.out) MS3 scans are not supported.

Examples: Below you will find two example zip datasets which you can download and analyze. These datasets are a good example of what an archive compatible with this site should contain. In addition, there are links to single results which you can click on to see how the Ascore works for phosphoeptides.

Links: A correctly localized spectrum -
Link / Spectrum
Doubly phosphorylated example -
Link / Spectrum
Ambiguous example -
Link / Spectrum

Sample datasets:
Sample params file: ~ Sequest.params example - you must inclue a file like this in your zip file and it must be named sequest.params -
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Sample out file: ~ Sequest out file example - your outfile SHOULD NOT include the sf column as shown in this example (in between Sp and Ions columns) -
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